North Geelong Radiators can supply new and exchange radiators for cars, trucks, buses, industrial and earthmoving applications with a full manufacturer’s Australia-wide guarantee.

We offer same day service where possible, with a minimum of three deliveries per day from major radiator manufacturers, ensuring a large range of stock is available.

Services offered:

  • Free, no obligation, Cooling System Checks
  • Diagnosis of overheating problems
  • Replacement radiator assemblies and recores
  • Repairs, cleanouts
  • Engine/heater flushing, including chemical flushing
  • Oil cooler flush, test and repair
  • Intercooler Repairs
  • Heavy Duty Radiators made to order



  • New Radiator Assemblies
  • Radiator Recores
  • Copper/Brass Radiators and fittings
  • Plastic Tanks and Aluminium Radiators
  • Cooling system accessories
  • Heaters
  • Extensive range held in stock
  • Copper-brass/Aluminium options
  • Vintage and custom made radiators
  • Truck, Bus, Tractor, Earthmoving Equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Heavy Industrial applications